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Client Testimonials Deirdre McCaskell Social Security Disability Representative Santa Rosa

"I was so impressed with Deirdre. She was awesome.  I finally feel that someone is willing to help me, she's a spit-fire!  Thank you!!"  - J.M. Santa Rosa, CA
"I would like to give a great THANK YOU to Deirdre McCaskell for her endless communication, realistic expectations, she fought like a BULL DOG while HOLDING MY HAND LIKE AN ANGEL through being devoured for almost 4 years!  We went to see the Judge...WE WON!  We proved the truth!  THANK YOU with ALL MY HEART!!"  - Claimant  Santa Rosa, CA
"Thank you so much for helping me with my case, and I know your gonna say "this is my job" but honestly, My mother and I have spoken to you a million times more then we ever spoke with .... So regarless of how this goes I just wanted to say thank you!" - K.
"I spoke with SSA earlier today. My son got awarded his disability on 2/10/15!" You filed for Disability on 12/3/14."  - Mother of Claimant

“Ahhhhhh OhMyGosh!!!!! Amazing, wonderful job Dierdre!

This could not have happened without you! I know that for a fact!

Wow, I am a bit in shock.” - BR daughter for deceased Father S

"Halleluja! You are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - K.M. Santa Rosa, CA
"OMG _ you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!" Claimante was awarded at Initial Application, after trying to get SSI for over 8 years independently.  - Social Worker
"Thank you so much for your beautiful work with our patient!!!!!" - 5/29/15, West County Clinics, Santa Rosa, CA
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