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Frequently Asked

What is the process?

First an Initial Application is filed.  A medical determination is then made by Disability Determination Service, a State agency.  If the claim is disapproved, a Request for Reconsideration is filed within 60 days.  Once again Disability Determination Service makes a medical determination.  If the claim is disapproved again, a Request for Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge is made within 60 days.


Want help filing an Initial Application?  I can do this.

Want sound advice? I can give it.

Want to get paid in months not years? I can help.

Need to Appeal a Determination?  I can do this.


I can represent you every step of the way. 












How Much Does It Cost?

There is no fee charged up front.  If I win your case, Social Security pays me 25% or up to $6000 of your back pay, and no charge for ongoing benefits paid.  We will pay for most up-front costs, such as charges for medical records, long distance phone calls and postage.  The Social Security Administration must approve our fee.


Social Security Disability Insurance versus SSI

The Social Security Administration has two separate programs for disability benefits.  Both programs use the same medical disability evaluation determination process. 


SSDI - Qualifiers of Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits are workers who have worked and have paid into the system for a given number of years. 


SSI - Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is based solely on an individual's income and resources, not on whether they have paid into the system.


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