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Because I care about you.....

Compassionate and quick minded, I have been a trusted adviser to hundreds of clients annually.  With over 21 years of experience helping the disabled obtain Social Security Disability benefits both locally and nationwide I have a proven reputation for highly effective representation.


  • Creative, collaborative, flexible and tough in representing disabled claimants at the initial, reconsideration, hearing and appeals council levels. 

  • Unparalleled commitment to quality, integrity, accuracy, compliance and claimants satisfaction.

  • Comprehensive knowledge in Social Security Disability Insurance Claims (SSDI, SSI), regulations, case development, litigation processes, theory development and brief writing as well as claims administration, benefits payment/management and offset procedures.

  • Broad background includes claimant advocacy and representation, Vocational Rehabilitation, Functional Capacity Evaluation, Psychological/Aptitude Testing and Assessment, Labor Market Research/Analysis, Vocational and Transferable Skill Analysis, (8+ years), Vocational Expert Testimony (2 years) and trained in Catastrophic Life-Care Planning.

Deirdre McCaskell Social Security Representative Santa Rosa

Deirdre H. McCaskell, ADR

      Social Security Disability Representative Santa Rosa


Accredited Social Security Disability Representative

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